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Everything about the PCR test + the instruction on filling the health declaration form
Rules on PCR tests in the Maldives:

  • Health declaration form is required for all individuals including children starting from 1-year olds.

  • Negative PCR test results must be in English or with a certified translation.

  • Tests have to be done within 96 hours before departure date.

Negative PCR result has to include:

  • Name of the tourist as on the passport.

  • Name and address of the laboratory.

  • Specification of the test to be a PCR test.

  • Results of the test.

  • Date of the test.

  • Name and signature of the person who authorized the result.

In the case of transit through other countries – if the transit is more than 24 hours then the tests have to be redone.

ATTENTION! The guest will need to upload the PCR test results while they fill the mandatory online health declaration form in the specific column that says PCR Test Results. The guest will need to have the result printed or on the phone as well.

Link to the health declaration form:

    Arrival to Male' step by step
    1. Passport Control
    • At the passport control please show the passport.
    • Validity of the passport needs to be at least 1 month from the date of arrival to the Maldives.
    • Negative PCR test result.
    • QR Code of health declaration form.
    2. Customs
    During the baggage check on arrival, customs will check all belongings thoroughly. It is against the local laws to bring in any sorts of alcohol and if found these items will be confiscated immediately!

    3. Airport Representative

    After the guest passes the customs control they will be received by a representative of Exciting Travel Holidays in the arrival hall. They will have the guest's name on a board. The guests will then be escorted to the airport counter where they will reconfirm the details and baggage.
    Transfer from the Airport
    There are three types of transfers in the Maldives:

    • Speed boat transfer
    • Sea plane transfer
    • Domestic flight transfer
    All the transfers are group transfers and not individual ones.

    Domestic + Speed boat

    This transfer is from the international airport to the closest domestic airport to the hotel. The guest will be received by the hotel representative in the domestic airport and will be escorted to the speed boat transfer to the hotel.

    Guests in the international airport will be escorted to the check-in to the domestic terminal. Domestic check-in starts 90 minutes before departure. Some hotels will offer access to a comfortable lounge where guests could relax with drinks and Wi-Fi. Boarding will start 20 minutes before departure.

    *During the booking process please check if the hotel provides access to the lounge.

    The time of waiting for domestic flight depends on the flight schedule and availability of the seats. The waiting time cannot be confirmed or discussed in advance and it could be between 1 to 6 hours.

    What the guest needs to know:

    • The timetable of domestic flights could change without prior notice.
    • The plane could make stops at other airports and may not be direct.

    Seaplane Transfer

    Seaplanes fly only during daytime from 6am to 4pm. They may make stops on the way at other hotels. The time schedule for seaplane transfer can only be known on the evening of the day prior to departure.

    • The waiting time for seaplane could be from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
    • Luggage restrictions on the seaplane:
    • Maximum 20kgs per luggage.
    • Hand luggage 5kg per person.
    • For excess luggage charges will be applied during check-in.

    ATTENTION! The hotel, nor seaplane transfer company nor Exciting Travel Holidays will bear any responsibility for delays of the seaplane transfer during extreme weather conditions that might make the guest miss their international flight | or not being able to reach their hotel on time.

    Speed Boat

    Speed boat transfer takes up to 90 minutes depending on the distance of the resort from the airport.
    All the transfers need to be booked and paid in advance while the guest books the tour. Guest will not be able to book the transfers at the airport and hotels will not confirm the booking unless the transfer is paid.
      Internet in Resorts

      All Maldivian resorts have Wi-Fi connection. Some resorts charge for Wi-Fi. Kindly confirm with agent. It is important to know that not all the resorts have good Wi-Fi speeds.

      SIM Cards

      SIM cards with internet package are available for purchase in the airport. SIM card prices are:
      • 30GB for $50
      • 17GB for $30
      Prices, Taxes and Deposits
      Prices and Taxes:

      In Maldives all the prices seen are in US Dollars ($). A government tax and a service charge will be added to all the prices. This is why 23% needs to be added to all the prices that are seen in menus, shops, excursions and spas.


      Some resorts take deposits upon check-in. The amount of the deposit varies from resort to resort. Normally this is about $100 per person per night. A hotel can take deposit in cash or pre-authorise money from the guest's bank card.

      Deposit will be used to pay for everything the guest uses during the holiday and if there is any balance left from the deposit, it will be given back to the guest on check-out. During the guest's stay, they will be presented with bills to sign for all charges they incur.
      What is forbidden in Maldives!
      What is forbidden to bring to Maldives:

      • Alcohol
      • Narcotics
      • Pornographic materials
      • Pork
      • Guns
      • Spear guns
      • Dangerous chemicals and explosives
      What is forbidden to do in Maldives

      • Fishing from the island. If any guests would like to go fishing; the resorts will organize general fishing or big game fishing excursions.
      • It is forbidden to break or take live corals from the ocean or near the seashore. Or damage the shells and take them from the ocean.
      • It is forbidden to visit local islands in swimwear and open clothes. We recommend wearing clothes that cover shoulders and knees. Being topless, naked outside is forbidden by the law.
      Penalties will be faced if these laws are broken.
      Departure Information
      Departure Information:
      • Check and pay all bills on the evening prior to the day of departure.
      • The exact transfer timing will be informed by the hotel on the evening prior to the day of departure as well.
      • 24 hours before departure from the country and not sooner, the guests will need to fill the health declaration form:
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