Special Deal
for Sun Siyam Resorts

About The Idea
A year ago, we did marketing activity for three resorts of the Sun Siyam: Olhuveli, Iru Fushi and IruVeli. The results were outstanding. Travel agents needed this information.

We want to repeat this marketing activity and once again remind travel agents about resorts. We offer you a special offer at a special price.
YouTube Channel
ExcitingTravelProfi - the YouTube channel was created specifically for travel agents. Here, experts from Exciting travel do webinars. We also publish short video room tours from FAM tours, so that agents understand what room to offer to the tourists
10 minute reviews of the 3 resorts- this is a short video as part of the News about the Maldives, which we regularly do on our channel.

The overview includes a one-page slide with information about the island. Our expert will briefly tell you about the resort and its features
ExcitingTravel.Profi is an account exclusively for travel agents. Here we have gathered about 5000 professionals from Russian-speaking countries, who are introduced to the Maldives
We already have 3 video reviews of the hotel on YouTube. The video was viewed by about 5,000 travel agents from the CIS. We will publish these videos on IGTV instagram for travel agents. Thus, during the month, travel agents will refresh the information about the resorts before the New Year holidays

Also we publication is a special offer for agents from Russian-speaking countries and will make Stories about resorts
More than 3000 views
Wearemaldives is a blog about Maldives Islands in the Russian language. Blog authors travel to resorts and make reviews of Islands, share their impressions & opinions. The blog is well indexed in the Russian-language Internet, publications about resorts gain 30 000 reads
We will write an article United Colors of Sun Siyam about three resorts in the Maldives, where we will briefly tell about each resort
E-mail Newsletter
As a part of our joint campaign, we will make two personalized newsletters for travel agents about the resort. One of the newsletters is a special offer, the second newsletter is news and a link to the webinar entry
What the project provides
A month of such activity among travel agents is the best alternative to a familiarization tour. On average, about 500 travel agents will receive useful information about the resort from various sources during the month.

This approach will make your resort stand out from the hundreds of others. Travel agents will get full information about the resort, and they will also receive it from a reliable source.
Create beautiful, professional websites and landing pages with us.
The price includes marketing activity of 3 resorts
Olga Muravskaya
Business Development Manager
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